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We believe getting a website designed or investing in digital marketing shouldn’t be difficult…..

We build powerful marketing strategies and impressive websites, yet we believe in making the process simple.

Far too many agencies complicate the process, the businesses that we partner with value our honest, direct and relentless drive to make processes simple.

We therefore deliver, yet make the journey all the more easier for our clients.

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  • We believe in making things simple and straightforward
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  • 1. We Listen
    We are all ears, we want to know your target market, what design ideas you have in mind. We can then start to plan a site-map and also what features are needed, for example will the site be a brochure site that requires the client the ability to take deposits from clients?
  • 2. We suggest
    Our talented designers can offer you design suggestions, we will correspond with you to ensure the design is on the right path.
  • 3. We test
    Design we believe is only one part of what we do, we then need to test before we deliver the website to the client. The site must work perfectly with every aspect functioning as it should.
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Whether you require a CMS website to be built, or alternatively you may require all of our services, that would mean building a site, implementing organic seo, managing PPC campaigns and social media advertising, we can offer you a complete solution. Therefore whether your company here in Cardiff requires a new WordPress website to be designed or help to take your company to the top of Google’s organic ranks, we can help. We have a talented team, our skill-set compromises of copy-writers, web developers, web designers, SEO consultants, social media advertising executives and more, so we are truly the one-stop-shop for everything digital marketing related here in Cardiff.

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


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If you need a website designed in Cardiff, and are therefore looking for super-talented web designers or web developers, then why not call us?
Does your business require help to be taken to the top of Google, here at Walsh Digital Marketing we have a team of SEO consultants
If you need a website designed in Cardiff, and are therefore looking for super-talented web designers or web developers, then why not call us?

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This may sound self-explanatory to some, but the thing is, web design needs to encompass so many things these days. For example, a good web designer will understand your business, it will incorporate your brand guidelines into the design, the design agency should understand search engine optimisation so that your website can be crawled and indexed. Finally the design should be well designed to help shoppers find products and the services they want with.

This simply means that a good web designer, carefully consider the layout of every single element page to make sure that it is well designed.

A website just about selling products, a good web designer will know that the a is to keep the shopper on the website for as long as possible.

A good website should create a positive brand experience, it should combine good design with content marketing which helps the shopper with any questions that they may have during the buying process.

Here at Walsh, we have been designing quality websites now 10 years, so why not drop us a message, the say hello to our web developers, web designers and copywriters. After a short chat with our web design team, get back to you with a no obligation quote to design a brand-new website for your business.

Whether your business requires a brochure website, and e-commerce website or perhaps you require an app built and designed, our web developers can help you.

It’s important that both the client and the web design agency are both on the same page, this is why we don’t have a page with fixed prices for our websites. Because what can sometimes happen is, a business can have a clear idea of what they want, and the web design agency may not understand completely what the business owner wants, this can lead to a website being built, and then the client asking for more functionality, such as buttons say whether the item is in stock or not. This may sound a relatively simple request from customers respective, but from a web developers perspective it might mean hundreds of extra hours adding code to the website.

So this is why we do not offer fixed prices, instead we need to have a long conversation with the business, to understand exactly how they want their website to be built.

For example, even with a relatively simple brochure website, the business may want to offer special offers on a regular basis which will change the prices across the whole website.

Therefore the business may believe that this is just a simple process of clicking a button, however to add a reduction in prices across a website, which might change depending on how much stock you have, normally means that a web developer be doing a lot of work, perhaps hundreds of hours of work to achieve this.

This is why it’s far better to have a detailed conversation with the customer at the start, to gain an understanding how they want their website to be designed. So an accurate quotation can be sent across, it’s also a good idea to get a breakdown of what’s included within the quote.

This is so that both the business owners and the web designers know exactly work completed for a set amount.

It’s also most definitely worth having a conversation with your web designers, to understand what the hourly rate is if an additional work is required.

For example if you have a very clear understanding of how you website to be designed, and this can be articulated cleanly to the web developers, then you should be able to get a detailed quote.

However you might be a start-up business which hasn’t given much thought to how you want to your website to be designed.

Therefore the web developers and web designers may have to use their own judgement, the problem with this is that you may end up with a design that you are not happy with.

Therefore it’s important to clearly state how you want your website to be built, and also to understand what the hourly rate for the web designers, the copywriters and the web developers are, so if you want to make additional changes, which are quite substantial in terms of changing the design of website, that you know exactly how much this will cost per hour.


There are quite literally thousands of web design agencies, some will design a website so cheaply, you will wonder if they are making any money at all. Then there are the web designers which will cost an absolute arm and a leg to get a website built.

So which one should you choose?

Well it all boils down to this, will the website be high quality not?

It needs to be well designed, and by that we mean needs to work, but it also needs to help your customers when they are buying a product or a service.

Now this might sound rather basic advice, but what often happens is, especially for a start-up business hasn’t got much to spend on a new website, is that they opt for the cheapest quote they can find.

However, your website is not a generic items such as a van, instead well-designed, it needs to explain exactly what your business can offer, and you wanted to stand out as being better than but then your direct competitors, now often a well-designed website doesn’t come cheap.

So where some businesses fail, when they are setting up, is to spend money on items such as a new vehicle, but try to scrimp and save on their company website.

If their company website then turns out to be rather basic, and it doesn’t really say much about the services or the product that you offer, then as any good web designer will tell you, you are likely then to incur a sky high bounce rate.

If your business has a sky high bounce rate this simply means that you are having shoppers land on a page website, yet they are leaving after visiting the first page, now obviously you don’t want a shopper to land on the home page, see that it is a rubbish looking website, and then leave to go and buy a product elsewhere.

So when it comes to web design well first impressions most definitely matter, because you want to keep your shoppers on your website for as long as possible.

Not only do you want to reduce that bounce rate to improve your seo, but you also want to improve it because you want to keep a shopper browsing on the products and the services that you offer for as long as possible.

For example let’s say that you sell electric bikes online, now if somebody leaves your website in let’s say less than 10 seconds, this is a very clear indication that either you don’t stop the products that they want all the do not like the website design.

However on the other hand if a shopper spends on average seven minutes browsing all of your bikes, then this is a very clear indication that they are interested in the products or indeed the services which your business sells.

Therefore what we would say it’s good web design is not just about how the website looks, it’s also about the content marketing, in terms of how it is written. It should be written so that it helps your customers with any questions regarding the product or the service that they might have.

For example somebody might want to know how long they can travel on the electric bike before it needs recharging.

If they can easily compare between all the different electric bikes how long the ranges before the bike needs recharging, then they are likely to compare the different bikes that you have.

If you do not answer this question, the may well be likely to go to a competitor’s website because they may answer the question a lot better.

So what we would say is this, you often need a digital marketing agency, that is capable of designing a brilliant website for your business, but you also need copywriters to write the content marketing, and you may also need help improving your search engine optimisation, so consider whether the web design agency also offers this service.

For some web developers, they may use their own content management system that they built themselves from scratch. This would mean that they would need to write all of the code to build that CMS.

We have web developers, which can build a bespoke website you. If you are wondering which content management systems our business can offer you, then we can offer you WordPress, we can offer you Drupal and we can also offer to design your website using Joomla.

Many businesses within Cardiff, hire us to build their WordPress websites, we can simply build everything from a simple brochure website that might be needed for a new construction company, right through to a e-commerce website for a business that might be selling skiing equipment, and might be planning on selling 1000 different product lines.

We can therefore offer to build any type of website, we don’t just work with businesses which are located in the city of Cardiff, that’s because we can also work with businesses based anywhere.

So if you have a business within the United Kingdom, and you would like your website designed, or perhaps redesigned then why not contact us?

The cost for our web development is based on a day rate, that is we charge per day for each of our staff that are needed to build the website. So for example the website might need 10 days to build, therefore we would estimate that the cost would be for 10 days for a web developer to build the site.

We can then offer additional services, for example you might want to hire our copywriter for seven days to write all of the content marketing for the website.

You may then wish to hire our search engine optimisation consultants, for example you might wish to hire them for say three days to help improve the businesses organic seo.

Once we have built a new website, some of our clients may also hire us to improve their search engine optimisation. What is important to know from the outset, is that seo is an ongoing process, in that if your business wants to rank higher than some of your competitors, then you have to invest for a long period of time to overtake those competitors. Let’s give you a really brief example, let’s say that you run a construction business in Wales, let’s say the businesses on the first page been paying for seo consistently for the last seven years.

Therefore, if these businesses have been paying to improve their seo for a very long period of time, then to overtake those businesses means that often a huge amount of work needs to be carried out by an seo consultant or an seo agency.

Therefore, your competitors set the benchmark that needs to be built, and for some businesses, it’s a mountain that needs to be climbed in order to beat their direct competitors.

For example, they may have been building backlinks, to improve their seo for say the last seven years, they are therefore likely to have improved their seo so that it is very strong. Therefore, when you hire an seo agency to start improving your own seo, then they have to beat your competitors, therefore if the benchmark is set very high, then it can take a long time to start seeing results.

Therefore, this is why search engine optimisation is very different from pay per click or advertising your business on social media websites such as Facebook, that’s because as soon as you start to advertise your business say on Facebook, you may start to get increase sales.

However, with organic seo, as most agencies will tell you, it takes sometimes a great deal of time before you start to see improve sales. However, a really good digital marketing agency should be able to get your business to rank for potentially hundreds of different keywords, let’s say for example you are a solicitor which specialises in the area of family law, then a good seo agency should be able to get you on the first page for term such as family lawyer, divorce solicitor, or let’s say family law practice.

It would obviously be advantageous to any business, to rank on the first page for as many keywords that are related to the products or the services that that business sells. Therefore, a good digital marketing agency should work with you to understand all the different products and services which you sell, then they should be put in place a marketing strategy of how to get your business onto the first page.

In terms of cost, this varies greatly depending on which agency you hire, it also depends on which city the agency is based.

You can hire an seo consultant, which might only charge let’s say £200 per day.

On the other hand there are digital marketing agencies which will charge a lot more, yet sometimes some of these agencies will have specialists within the business which concentrate on different areas of seo, for example you might have someone who concentrate on writing content marketing, another person who builds backlinks and somebody else who is very good and local seo, such as building citations.

Here at our web design company, we also build e-commerce websites, you might not know the difference between a brochure website and an e-commerce website, so why not let us explain.

An e-commerce website is simply a website which is built to sell products, the website may have the functionality to take a payment, it may also have the functionality to tell the customer whether the item is in stock or not.

An e-commerce websites normally takes a lot more work, than it would to build brochure website.

A brochure website is simply a website which has a number of pages which explain the services or a product that the business offers. A brochure website is different from an e-commerce website simply because a brochure website normally does not take payment.

So let’s give you an example, let’s say that you are setting up a new coffee shop, you will want a brochure website built, you might want it built just simply explain the different types of coffee that you sell, you might also want and about us page to explain how your coffee shop is different. You may also want a contact us page so that your customers could book say a meeting room, in your coffee shop.

You may not therefore sell any products through your website, so this is what we would call a brochure website.

Our web designers, can design a brochure website starting from just £1000.

However an e-commerce website is more complicated normally to build, the reason for that is often the business will want to sell many different products, let’s say that the business wants to sell 100 different products.

Let’s say that the business wants to sell bathroom items such as sinks, toilets and showers, this means that the web developers will need to design a page for each product. Then a product descriptions needs to be added, and your business may also need the functionality to tell the customer whether that item is in stock at that time or not.

This means that a lot of code often needs to be written for an e-commerce website, for example there is often a lot of code that needs to be written just tell the customer whether an item is in stock at that moment in time or not.

Therefore depending on how you want the website to be built, will mean that you may need a HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl web developer building your website.

To write code, such as’s HTML when building a new website, often takes a lot of time, it’s not just writing all that code, the web developer then needs to test it to make sure that everything works correctly.

Our prices to build an e-commerce website are therefore more expensive than what it would cost us to build a brochure website.

Our prices to build an e-commerce website therefore start from £3000.

Would you like us to build an e-commerce website, or a brochure website for your business? Why not call our web developers today?

This is a really good question, because sometimes, some web designers advertise a very low price to design a brand-new website. Yet when you start to add up all of the extras which your business might need, let’s say to write all of the content marketing, to make the website responsive and to add social media buttons to the website, then what might start off as a low price might start to increase.

So, when you hire us, here at Walsh, we try our best to keep our prices as transparent as possible, for example when we quote to build a brand-new website, let’s say a website that is built using WordPress, we will include within the quote, to make the website responsive.

Therefore, if we are building say a WordPress website for £1000, we will include within the price to make the website responsive.

We also have copywriters which work for us, so if you haven’t got the time to write all of the text for your new WordPress website, then why not hire our copywriters?

When we are offering you a quote, to build your new website, we can itemise the cost for us to write the text for you as well.

So for example, let’s say that you are starting a construction business, you might not have the time to write say 3000 words, so why not hire our web developers and web designers to build a brand-new WordPress website for your construction business? Then once the website has been designed and it has been built, we can then start to add the text, all of the text can be written by our copywriters.

This means that we can design a brand new website for your business, at the same time our copywriters can be writing all of the text for your brand-new website as well. This means that we can build a complete website for your business in a short period of time.

For example, let’s say you are opening a new dental practice, a new hairdressing salon or perhaps a new restaurant and you want us to write most of the text, then we can do this for you because we have copywriters which work for us.

Therefore, when we are building a e-commerce website or a brochure website, regardless of whether we are building the website in Joomla, Drupal or WordPress included within our web design quote will be to make the website responsive.

We are therefore different from some other Cardiff web designers, which may sometimes charge an extra to design a mobile version of the website.

Therefore, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency, which can offer you everything under one roof, that is web design, help to improve your businesses seo, and also to manage your businesses social media accounts, then why not call us? We can offer to design a website with prices starting from just £1000, we build brochure and also e-commerce websites.

How long it will take our web developers to build say a new WordPress website, depends on how many pages that the business would like designed. Plus, sometimes we have to wait for the client to write all of the text, for example on a 10 page website there might be quite a lot of text which needs to be written and sent to the web designers.

Therefore, you might want us to write the text for you, we can do this for an additional fee.

For a relatively simple brochure website, that’s built using WordPress, we can design this type of website sometimes in as little as three weeks.

As you can imagine, it will take us a lot longer to build a e-commerce website, for example an e-commerce website might have let’s say 1000 different products.

Therefore, to build an e-commerce website which has over 1000 different products, this is going to take a lot of web designers, our web developers and also our copywriters much longer to build.

Plus, we may need to spend some time with you to see which content management system you want, for example you might want a Drupal website, a WordPress website or you might want a Joomla website.

You might not know the difference between a Joomla, a Drupal or a WordPress website, therefore you may wish to spend time with our web designers so they can show you the dashboard each CMS, you can then see which content management system you prefer.

For example, you may find that you like the dashboard WordPress website, you might like the WordPress website, because you may find it easy to add blog posts, to add new plug-ins or simply to rewrite a meta title.

Therefore, once we know which content management system you would like, we can then begin to design.

If you have a very clear set of brand guidelines, then this makes it much easier for our web developers, because our web developers will then know which colours you want used, for example your company may have selected three colours that you want used.

For example, you may have an exact colour of yellow that you want used, our web developers will then have the hex code so they can use that hex code when designing the website.

This means that that exact colour of yellow can be used across the website.

If you haven’t got a set of brand guidelines, then it might take us longer to build the website, because our web developers and web designers may have to asking more questions, such as which colours you want used on the main menu and also when designing other parts of the website.

Therefore, if you have a really good idea of how you want your website to be built, then this can help us to design the website faster, because our web developers will know exactly how to build the site.

Alternatively, if you do not know how you want the homepage to look, how you want the main menu to work, and also you don’t know how you want the footer to look for example then this can take us longer because we often have to communicate with you via email, or over the phone to see which options you would like.

We would say the vast majority of our brochure website are built in under one month.

For e-commerce websites normally takes us much longer, we can often build an e-commerce website in less than three months.

However, when we are offering you quote, we can give you an estimate for how long it will take our web designers to build new website for you.

There are some web designers, which will design a new website for a business, and then they charge them a set monthly fee, which is normally payable for a set period let’s say of three years.

Currently our business does not offer this option, however we do offer very competitive prices for web design, search engine optimisation and also to write the content marketing for your website.

We also offer affordable prices for website hosting and domain renewal; therefore a lot of businesses go with us because we offer prices which are very competitive and the customer knows exactly how much we are charging.

Some businesses like the fact that once they’ve paid for the website they own it, rather than some companies, which may charge you a monthly fee for the website, yet the business will never own the website.

With prices starting from thousand pound for a brochure website, our prices are very competitive.

The vast majority of our clients are in the Cardiff area or the surrounding areas, however we can work the businesses based anywhere. We can offer you web design, search engine optimisation, and we can also offer to manage your businesses social media.

We therefore work with many Welsh businesses; however, we can also work with businesses which are based anywhere.

Most of our websites, that we design and build built using the content management system which is called WordPress. We believe that there are so many advantages to choosing a WordPress website, that is it is easy to update, you can install thousands of free plug-ins, it also has a dashboard which is very easy-to-use.

So, for example, you may hire a WordPress web developer to design a WordPress website, and they may write all of the coding, such as the HTML and also the CSS, so that the website is designed the way you want. However, once it has been fully designed, you may want to choose WordPress because it has an easy-to-use dashboard, the WordPress dashboard is simple to use and you can make changes to your website without having any coding knowledge.

The point we are trying to make is therefore, you can have a WordPress website designed by a WordPress  designer and they can write all of the code to get the main pages designed the way you want, then you can have the login details, so that you can access the WordPress dashboard.

Once you have access to the WordPress dashboard, you can easily install plug-ins, you could add a blog post or you could simply rewrite and meta title, and you can do this without having any coding knowledge, that’s the say you don’t need to understand HTML or CSS or PHP to make simple changes to your WordPress website.

This is why WordPress is such a very popular type of content management system, it is used by so many businesses here in Wales, from online retailers, through to solicitors.

A WordPress website also makes it very simple for the business owners to make a website backup as well, this is another good reason to choose a WordPress.

If we are building a brochure website, let’s say it is 10 pages or less, and the client is writing all of the text themselves.

To design this type of website normally takes us under three weeks.

However, with that said there are periods during the year that our web designers are busier than normal, for example, during the peak of summer we see an increase in work, due to some businesses being seasonal. For example, often tradesmen such as builders, will want to have their website designed or redesigned during the summer.

Then our next busy period is around Christmas, when a lot of businesses have a sale, normally our web designers are therefore very busy around Christmas as we prepare websites for the lead up to Christmas and also the sales which often follow after Boxing Day.

Therefore, sometimes we are unable to take on new work during Christmas, and sometimes during the peak of summer, however when you send us a message will you call us we will be able to say whether our next availability is for us to build a new website for you.

Sometimes you can start building a brand-new WordPress website for your business straightaway this means that normally we can build a new WordPress brochure website in less than three weeks.

Sometimes we can even design the website faster, if the business is writing the text themselves, and they have a set of brand guidelines, and they have a company logo already designed.

Often, we can offer a rough estimate for how much we would charge to build say a 10 page WordPress website.

For example, we often charge £1000 to build a WordPress website that has 10 pages or less.

However, with that said when we are offering an estimate to improve a business’s organic or local SEO then the quote needs to be tailored the business.

The reason for this is with SEO to climb the ranks, and by that we mean to get your business onto page one, you need to beat your direct competitor’s standard of SEO. There is no point in us therefore quoting say £750 per month, if your direct competitors have spent let’s say 5000 per month for the last seven years.

That’s because you might be in a highly competitive business sector, for example you might be located in one of the main cities within the United Kingdom, and you may run a legal practice that has over 500 solicitors working for you, therefore your competitors are likely to be investing a lot into SEO, because it is crucial that they obtain as much business as they possibly can.

Therefore, you will be in a business sector where you will need to spend a lot on SEO and your competitors are likely to be doing exactly the same.

This means that your competitors are likely to be working very hard on improving their own SEO, therefore to beat them, and by that we mean rank higher you need to have better SEO.

For your business to have stronger SEO, this often means that you need to be implementing a lot of white hat seo work, yet if your direct competitors have been implementing white hat SEO also and possibly for a lot longer than your business, then you might have a lot of catching up to do, that’s in order to overtake them and for your business to rank higher.

Yes, we have copywriters that work for our web design agency, they can help by writing all of the text for your new website.

This simply means, that we can design your new company website, and to help save you time, our copywriters can write all of the text, including product descriptions for you.

When you talk to any digital marketing agency, they will tell you that it’s very important to have well written text which is unique.

By unique we mean that the text should not be copy and pasted say from a supplier’s website.

The reason for this is, if you use copy and pasted text and this can actually damage your businesses seo.

This is why really good web designers, like our web design company only write high quality content marketing which is unique.

Therefore, we never copy and paste text from another website, and add to your website, because we know that it could damage your seo.

We instead have copywriters which can write evergreen content marketing for your business, we can write all of the product descriptions, we can also write blog posts for your business.

This can help you to save a lot of time, for example, if you have to write 10,000 words for your new website this is likely to take up a huge amount of your time.

Instead for an additional fee, our copywriters can write all of this text for you, they can write all of the text for the main pages, for the blog post and also for the product descriptions.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Cardiff web developer, that can also write all of the text for your new company website then why not call us?

In some instances, this will allow us to design the website faster for our clients, that’s because we will not be waiting for the client to write all of the text, instead our copywriters can start to write the work at the same time that our web developers are building the website.

This means that as soon as the copywriters are finished writing the text, they can send it to our web developers can added to the main pages.

They can also add all of the product descriptions, and you may even want is to write some blog posts for you as well.

If you are just starting a business here in Cardiff, whether that’s a brand-new restaurant, hairdressing salon or perhaps you are a builder, you might not have the time to write all of the text, so why not let us do this work for you?

Some of our web designers, have over 10 years’ experience building WordPress websites. For example, some of our staff don’t just have experience of building WordPress websites, they also know how to improve the company’s seo, as well as copy writing.

Therefore, we are well placed to design any type of WordPress website, whether that is a brochure website or it is a e-commerce website.

Because we have so much experience building WordPress websites, we can often build a WordPress website quickly.

Therefore, you might be a builder, you might be a hairdresser we might be opening let’s say a Greek restaurant in Cardiff, then why not hire our web designers to build your new company website?

WordPress plug-ins are simply plug-ins that you can obtain via the WordPress dashboard, there are hundreds of various plug-ins that can be offered for free. Some plug-ins are simply brilliant, because they allowed somebody that has no coding knowledge to easily add meta titles and meta descriptions to each page.

However, with that said plug-ins are not limited to just helping you write meta descriptions and meta titles, no they can help you with everything from adding a gallery your company website, right through to helping you to duplicate a page.

Plug-ins are brilliant because to create a plug-in might take a web developer hundreds of hours to write all of the code for that pointing to work. However, you can simply obtain many of them for free, that’s because sometimes the plug-in owner offers an enhanced version for you to purchase for a small fee.

Therefore, plug-ins help website owners to improve the design of their website and to add different functionality.

The homepage is kind of like your shop front, you want the homepage to be well designed, very easy-to-use because quite simply you want shoppers to click on the other products and the services which your business sells.

Therefore, your homepage is a lot like a shop front, if the shopfront is looking a bit-tired run down then you might not attract shoppers to come inside and buy your goods.

This is exactly the same when it comes to designing a homepage, you want the homepage to be well designed, you wanted to be easy-to-use you want a desktop version and also a mobile version that is well designed.

You want a web developer text every single part of the website, to make sure that it works correctly.

Therefore, it’s definitely worth spending more money to obtain well-designed homepage, because if the homepage is not well-designed, then you could be losing shoppers.

For example, if a shopper is looking for a product, yet they can’t find that product on the main menu or anywhere on the home page then they may simply go to a competitor’s website.

So, the homepage should be well-designed and so should the main menu, you need to make it clear to your customers the various products and the services that your business sells.

So, for example let’s say that you sell aluminium ladders, you might want on the home page large pictures which show that you sell roofing ladders, normal aluminium ladders as well as stepladders.

Then a shopper can land on the home page, select let’s say the stepladders, then the picture could act as an internal link which takes the shopper to the page which lists all of your stepladders which you sell.

Therefore, a well-designed homepage is all about making it easier customers to find the products or the services that they want.

Yes, we do, often when we have built let’s say a brand-new WordPress website for a client, they then hire us to also start improving the businesses organic seo.

We offer both national and also local seo, so instead of you having to go and find a separate seo agency, instead you can hire our web developers, our copywriters and our web designers to build a brilliant website for your business.

Once the web designers finished design say the WordPress website, we can then start work on improving your seo.