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  • 1. How long will it take your web developers to build a new website?
    Every single website that we build will need to have an estimate provided for how long it will take our web developers to build the website.

    This means once the web designers have a good idea of the design that your business would like built, we can then within the quote provide details of how long it will take us to build the CMS website. For some brochure websites, with say 10 pages, this might only take our web designers a few weeks sometimes to build.

    Brochure websites for example can often be built in a much shorter space of time than large e-commerce websites.

    E-commerce websites that have a lot of products, will normally take us in excess of a month to build.

    The time it takes us to build the website also depends on factors like whether the client is writing the text themselves.

    We can sometimes speed up the whole web design process if you hire us to write the content marketing, this can be written for an additional fee. For example, we can also offer a quote for writing the text for the homepage, about us pages and main service pages if required.
  • 2. We need a website that we can add blog posts to ourselves, does your web design agency build CMS websites?

    The vast majority of websites that our web design agency here in Cardiff Wales builds are what are called “content management systems”, which is often abbreviated to “CMS websites”.

    For example the vast majority of CMS websites that our web developers build are what are called “WordPress websites”.

    WordPress websites have an in-built Dashboard, this can be accessed via login details that will be provided to the customer, and often with some limited guidance from us, often businesses are then quickly able to add blog posts themselves through the inbuilt WordPress Dashboard and editor.

    We are also able to offer other content management systems, another popular CMS among businesses here in Cardiff is to opt for what is called a “Joomla website”, we can also offer Joomla web design as well.

    If you run a business here in Cardiff, South Wales, and you would like a new company website to be built in a CMS that we have not mentioned, then why not contact us, our PHP web developers can offer a quote to build websites, whether they are in WordPress or another type of CMS.
  • 3. We are a start-up business, is your agency able to offer a simple CMS website?
    Sometimes businesses in Cardiff just want a relatively simple brochure website built, while they get the business up and running.

    Sometimes these businesses then come back to us for a more detailed website to be built, that’s once the business is much more established and has been running for a longer period of time here in Cardiff.

    We are therefore able to cater to a lot of businesses marketing budgets, if they want a relatively simple brochure website constructed, then we also build simple websites. If the business instead wants a very large e-commerce website, built using PHP, which takes up hundreds of hours to build, then we can also build this type of website, our programmers therefore can build a wide range of company websites.

    Often because we offer high levels of customer service here at our web design agency, the business owners will then come back to us for an improved content management system (CMS) and sometimes other additional services also that we offer as well overtime, so our agency is all about building long term business relationships. This means if you’re a start-up business, then we can design your website, often the business will come back to us in the future for a redesign as well.
  • 4. what will be the cost of code
    Our business is able to offer domain name registration and also website hosting. When you come to our Cardiff web design company, here at Walsh, we can take care of the whole web design process for you, this includes website hosting and domain name registration.

    You do not therefore need to find your own hosting company unless you want to, we can also register your domain for your business.

    In the vast majority of cases the website hosting is free for one year with our web design agency, then with the vast majority businesses we work with, we then charge a flat fee per year for website hosting and domain name renewal.

    A quote will need to be provided separately for website hosting, and domain name renewal, this does vary from business to business and varies depending on the size of the website, for example how many pages the company needs.

    For example, a large e-commerce website, which sells hundreds of different products, is going to be more expensive to host than say a small brochure website for a small business. So for example, a local coffee shop, with a website that has say 10 pages, this will be inexpensive for our web design company to host, yet a business which sells say, bikes, and sells 10,000 different items, this will be more expensive to host.
  • 1. We don’t have time to write the content marketing (text) can your copywriters do this for us?
    A lot of businesses here in Cardiff when they are setting up a new company, simply do not have the time that is needed to write thousands of words of text for the brand-new website.

    Therefore, all the text that is needed for the homepage, and about us page, the main service pages, will need to be passed to the web developers so that they can add this to the website. Yet writing all of this text, well, is obviously time-consuming for a lot of business owners, so sometimes they ask us to write all of the text, we can offer this service for an additional fee.
  • 2. Does your business also offer organic SEO?
    As most businesses will know, in order to improve the businesses organic SEO they will need to invest every single month.

    With some web design agencies, they do not offer SEO services, so the business then has to find a separate business which offers SEO.

    However, our business is completely different, that’s because we can offer web design, but we can also offer organic SEO, this is an additional service, that is charged each month, and the rate is set dependent on how competitive your business sector is.

    So, for example, the organic SEO fee is going to be a lot more for a solicitors practice than it would be for say a landscaping business, that’s because the competitiveness for solicitors is going to be much higher, and the competition are more likely to be investing heavily in organic SEO, therefore the amount of work that is needed every month will be much higher, so we therefore we base our organic SEO quotes depending on how competitive the business sector is.
  • 3. Does your business design WordPress websites?
    WordPress websites are extremely popular among businesses, there are a huge number of businesses here in Wales which have opted for WordPress websites.

    We therefore have WordPress web designers which work at our web design agency, therefore if your business would like WordPress website built, then why not give us a ring?
  • 4. Does your business work with small businesses?
    Our web design agency works with businesses of all sizes, we work with very large businesses, that run e-commerce businesses, yet we can also build simple brochure websites, which are suited to smaller businesses.

    Quite simply put, we work with businesses in Wales that are of all sizes, and operate in a wide range of industries.

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